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Riser rings, cones and covers

Maintain the integrity of your infrastructure by reducing traffic vibration damage. The riser ring is a simple, economic, efficient, and long-lasting solution for manhole structure damage problems.

It dissipates the energy transferred between the casting and the manhole structure. Since the surfaces are separated by the riser ring, the friction/stress component is dramatically reduced. These two elements then work together, rather than against each other, to help maintain the integrity of the infrastructure support system. It maximises performance and extends the lifetime of the manhole structure.

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Our cones are also made of recycled plastic. The cones are available with or without rabbet. They are much lighter than concrete and therefore much easier to work with. 

Finally our covers and frames are all made of recycled plastic. We have both covers and frames with and without rabbet. The covers and the frames are designed to load class A. They are much lighter than concrete and therefore much easier to work with. 


  • Extends lifetime of manhole structure
  • High strengt - low weight
  • Easy to handle
  • Reduces traffic vibration damage
  • Protects against load concentration
  • Will not break or crack
  • Made of recycled plastic


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